CBF platforms

Our Trading Platform is Accessible anytime from any device.

Trade from anywhere via the web without downloading or installing the platform. The most important feature of the platform is that it is one of the few licensed platforms in the world thus, it prevents manipulation of market prices or of the fixed-point difference. Additionally, it is characterized by accurate trade execution and price quotations.

  • More than 20 indicators of the market, including Vibo, Elliott waves, in addition to the ability to edit the Chart in line with the investors trading method.
  • No need to download the platform, thereby allowing the investor to trade from anywhere using any device.
  • All client settings are saved, along with technical analysis and monitoring reports, to a central server; the client may access the settings again from any computer.
  • The ability to lock all orders in one go, or to lock in only profit/loss orders.
  • The ability to place Chart orders by clicking on the chart.
  • The latest financial news.
  • Financial calendar.
  • Video tutorials.
  • Social trading.
  • Trading deferred contracts.
  • Special information on daily trading volume.

Download the application X-Mobile on your mobile device to start trading from anywhere

  • iPhone and Android mobile devices have the ability to download the platform.
  • All Market News and moves are available through the mobile platform.
  • Fast execution of orders.
  • Advanced Charts including the important indices.
  • The possibility of placing automatic orders such as "STOP LOSS" and Take Profit.
  • Financial calendar.
  • Video Tutorials.
  • Open and modify orders via your mobile phone.
  • Get access to your trading record.
  • Central banks Prices.
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